Friday ‘Spoons’

As the name implies this popular club event takes place every Friday afternoon, weather permitting. The event starts promptly at 2.00 p.m. and all members are welcome to participate.

A bowler wishing to take part in ‘Spoons’ pays £1 on the Friday and picks a token, which tells him on which rink and in which team (red or black) he is playing. The four (sometimes three, or two) players in a team decide amongst themselves who goes lead, second, third and skip. The winning team each Friday is that team which wins by the biggest margin. Each member of the winning team is presented with a £5 gift voucher (formerly a spoon) at the close of play.

Points are awarded for regular attendance and the highest shots aggregate. Each year a trophy is presented to the member who has gained the most points.

‘Spoons’ Organiser – Hugh McManus