Rhiwbina Recreation Club Opening Hours – October

Rhiwbina Recreation Club has been at the heart of our community for over 100 years. The current Covid 19 restrictions have put significant pressures on the hospitality industry, and we have had to react to that accordingly. However, even though Cardiff is in lockdown we are still permitted to be open for family groups to enjoy a safe and relaxing drink and snack together.
To that end we are open from tonight, and over the next few weeks we hope to expand our offer to ensure you have a place to relax and unwind on the weekends. Our Opening Hours for the next two weeks will be:

Thursday: 6-10 pm
Friday: 6-10 pm
Saturday: 4-10 pm
Sunday: 12-5 pm
Bar Snacks available each day

As we progress, we will be opening the kitchen to provide a menu for you and your family. To facilitate this, we have in place two familiar faces, Mike and Cara. Please use the existing email address to book a table or we will try and be flexible if you come directly to the club.

The facility is for members to use and, therefore, we encourage family groups to use this safe and local facility as much as possible, within the rules, to have some fun and support your community club.

We look forward to seeing you soon.